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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, bold, brazen, and ruthless. dramatic surveillance video shows two armed robbery suspects storming a south bay business then attacking employees. good evening. i'm terry mac sween yee in for raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. the video is jarring and frightening but also extremely clear. tonight police are hoping it will help them catch the men who terrorized workers in a food sa play warehouse in san jose.
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ian cull is live at the police department. what were they after? >> reporter: jess character they took some cash, they took some personal items after punching a woman in the face who was just sitting there doing her job. and tonight police released some hd surveillance video hoping someone will recognize these two men. the video was clear. but the reason for the crime is not. these images released by the san jose police department "today" show two men entering hp food supply on third street. the first suspect holding what appears to be a machine gun, pointing it at an employee. he then walks around the desk and punches her. >> very violent. >> reporter: the two men then ransacked the front office stealing cash and personal items, according to police. they were inside less than a minute and left in a silver early 2000 acura tl with no front license plate. >> kind of crazy. just because this is just like a grocery business. >> reporter: perez lives down the street and carries pepper spray now because of recent
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crime in the neighborhood. she was shocked by the weapons used. >> that's a scary thing. they're carrying a weapon. around here, there's a school around this corner. >> reporter: the armed robbery happened on saturday, april 23rd. but the video was just released today. neighbors wish they would have known about the crime sooner. >> i didn't know about it until today. >> especially if it's been a month ago. we have to be aware of what's going on, especially in this community. >> reporter: and again, here is a closeup look at one of the suspects. we posted the surveillance video and more information including suspect descriptions to our website to a developing story, a major thoroughfare shut town tonight. cal trans crews are repairing a massive sinkhole on i-5 north heading towards tracy. the sinkhole spotted by crews on the shoulder this morning before the sr-33 exit headed towards tracy.
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we're there live, crews working through the night, this could be a headache for bay area drivers heading that correction. >> reporter: if you plan to using i-5 in this area, you'll have to take a detour because of this. the soeng hole, crews excavating the area, trying to determine the cause of that sinkhole. it's not going to clear up any time soon. as crews continue to repair a massive sinkhole on i-5 north, cal trans officials say it could have been worse. >> we're out here taking care of it. we got to it early. >> reporter: here's a picture of that sinkhole around noon near the sr-33 exit. it's about three feet in diameter. at the time, the sinkhole was on the shoulder so it didn't affect traffic. cal trans decided to shut down the two northbound lanes so that they could excavate the sinkhole, more than tripling its size, to ultimately figure out what caused the sinkhole in the first place. >> we're not really sure right now. there is an irrigation pipe underneath.
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that's one of the things we are looking at to see if possibly that irrigation pipe may have had a leak or something of that nature. >> we're going to have to just look on our google maps to see where we can reroute to go around to pick up our loads to go back home. >> reporter: truck drivers like glenn hamby who use this route will have to take a detour to eastbound highway 132 and then onto northbound highway 33 just to get back onto i-5. >> we were really going to be pushed to make our pickup on time. so yeah, this is going to affect us quite a bit. >> reporter: cal trans says if this is an irrigation pipe they should be able to fix that easily. as far as the lanes reopening they said they should reopen thursday afternoon. we're learning that a worker helping to tear down after bottlerock in napa has sustained life-threatening injuries. fire department said the worker
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was helping dismantle a stage. a union city police officer is recovering tonight from a broken leg after a hit-and-run crash. authorities say someone slammed into the motorcycle cop around 5:40 this evening and took off. officers found the car abandoned in hayward. they started going door to door with guns drawn searching for the driver. no word whether police found that suspect at this time. an early blast of summer heat is part of the bay area struggling to cool off tonight. a live look over san jose where it is warm. still in the 70s right now. jeff ra mary tracking the heat. some spots hit triple digits today. >> you're going to be able to see that our forecast showed 101 in san ramon. alamo 100. san jose 91. san francisco a lot cooler with 68. fog at the immediate coastline this widespread contrast across the bay area. the fog is building back at the immediate coastline right now. and that's the main reason through tomorrow we will see
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more of these huge differences in the forecast. 1:00 p.m. wednesday, a cool 66 in san francisco. but concord will be shooting up to 88. we're tracking exactly when we'll have 102 degrees coming up in the microclimate forecast. before i leave you i do want to stress fire danger up this week. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. humidity lowering into the teens. again, my forecast in about 15 minutes. even world-class athletes are not immune to the heat. today the u.s. men's national soccer team had to reschedule practice to avoid the hot weather. team usa played the colombian national team friday at levi's stadium. it's the kickoff of the copa america tournament. that features teams from 16 countries. as the heat rises, track the temperature in your neighborhood with our nbc bay area app. download it for free. deal reached after a contentious year-long debate. san francisco police officers will soon be equipped with body cameras. a breakthrough announcement came
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today on a policy that all sides can agree to. the acting chief is calling this a game changer for the department? >> reporter: that's right, jessica. those body cameras can increase accountability on both sides of the lens. now it's up to the police commission to approve this new policy. mayor ed lee announced more than a year ago $6 million was available to outfit every san francisco police officer with a body camera. a tool the former and current police chiefs support. >> we want body cameras. it's great because it tells the story on the other side. it's about transparency. >> reporter: city leaders have been negotiating a body camera policy with the police officers association ever since. detailing when officers turn the cameras on and off and when officers can review the footage. >> i don't think the policy goes far enough. >> reporter: this public defender isn't supporting the proposal heading to the police commission tomorrow night. it allows officers to review
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footage before writing a report unless there's an in-custody death or an officer-involved shooting. in those cases officers must give a statement before reviewing the video. he believes officers should always write their report before seeing the video. >> we want to make sure that the body camera video is used in a way to root out officers who aren't telling the truth. >> reporter: the agreement comes week after the chief resigned and activists are outraged by deadly officer-involved shootings. mayor lee says he's hoping cameras will help rebuild trust. that newly agreed upon policy goes before the police commission tomorrow night here at city hall. it must be approved before those cameras can start recording. there may be protests in the south bay this week. presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump is returning, this time he's going to be in san jose. thursday night he's holding a rally at mchenry convention center. it starts at 7:00 p.m.
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just last month he was in burlingame at the california republican convention. protesters blocked the entrance so trump was forced to hop a concrete barrier so he could sneak in a back door. democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders ramped up his campaign in the bay area in emeryville today, tomorrow in palo alto for a community panel with asian-american and pacific islander leaders. that's at 1:00, a rally at 2:30, same place, at the coverly community center field, palo alto. democratic rival hillary clinton won a big endorsement today. governor jerry brown threw his support to the front-runner. he called her "the only path forward to win the presidency and stop the dangerous candidacy of donald trump." a poll released today shows clinton ahead of bernie sanders by 13%. another poll released last week showed the two in a virtual tie. still ahead, it's the hottest ticket in town. some of them are fake. tonight getting your hands on
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warrior tickets and how to spot if what you're buying online is the real deal. feeling let down by humanity. you wonder what people -- why would they steal this? >> the unusual thing thieves stole from one woman's home and it's left neighbors baffled. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. still a mild 79 right now in antioch. walnut creek 68. look at that alamo at 75. we're tracking the possibility of 102-degree heat. two novato teenagers accused of
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killing their classmate will be tried as adults. two novato teens accused of killing their classmate will be tried as adults. a marin county district attorney also saying the 17-year-old boys suspected of shooting and stabbing two students last week will face murder and attempted murder charges. one of the victims, edwin ramirez, died.
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the other slowly recovering. a third suspect remains at large. over the weekend police arrested an older cousin of one of the boys on conspiracy charges. nearly a week after she was kidnapped, investigators are hoping for a break in the case of pearl pinson. police released an image today. it's a backpack similar to the one the teen was wearing when an armed man dragged her away. investigators are hoping someone has found it and will contact them. pinson's suspected kidnapper was killed in a shoot-out with police on the central coast. family and friends are holding out hope she is alive. in san francisco a show of force to recover a weapon stolen by an fbi agent. agents in armored cars and suvs blocked off a street in the bay view district before raiding a house. the feds were looking for a glock pistol stolen from an agent's car over the weekend along with his badge and identification. the badge and the i.d. not recovered but gun was. neighbors say they're glad.
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>> somebody would have got killed with it. >> it's one less gun on the street. >> it's good they got it back. if it was let into the wrong hands, we could have had more violence than we already have. >> the fbi has yet to identify the suspect arrested in the raid. they did say the agent was in town from oklahoma city. neighbors call them party pads. airbnb units you can rent by the day that get taken over by rowdy guests who take up all the parking and leave behind piles of trash. now there's something you can do about it. nbc bay area's peggy bunker reports from los altos. >> reporter: it's in response to airbnb tenants like these that inspired the animal house button to report problems directly to the company. is where to complain about rental noise, parties, trash, disruptive guests. airbnb issues a case number and promises to follow up within five days.
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they promise to suspend or kick out an airbnb host who repeatedly ignores the rules, something that could have been helpful to don gardner of los altos whose neighbor's airbnb rental became a repeated party pad for hundreds of teenagers. >> it wasn't the first time. this was the third weekend in a row. >> about 300 teenagers that had rented the house. when we arrived, they scattered all throughout the neighborhood, causing damage. >> reporter: that airbnb rental was taken off the website the day after our story aired last summer. it now looks like this. with lots of upgrades and renovations. still, the home remains empty. and neighbors aren't sure what it will be used for. you are able to make an anonymous complaint, however, the complaint link does ask neighbors to write a message to the airbnb host if they're willing to do so. an unusual thing in concord left a homeowner with a problem in her front yard. 79 beyond a reasonable doubt sandra fisher spent thousands
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replacing her lawn with artificial turf. she wanted something low maintenance and drought conscious. sandra was trying to do the right thing but a neighbor called her to tell her someone had done the wrong thing. >> she said, sandy, didn't you like the grass you had? and i said, i love my grass. she said, well, it's gone. i'm like, what? >> that's right. her artificial turf stolen. police say it's the first time high-priced turf has been targeted in concord and they're hoping it's not the start of a trend. new at 11:00, buying the hottest ticket in town could still leave you out in the cold. hundreds of people were turned away at oracle arena during the western conference finals because of fake tickets. the warriors say they saw an average of 50 people trying to get in with fraudulent tickets. all of those tickets were purchased from sellers on third-party websites. tickets to the nba finals went on sale today. if you're looking for them, it's
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too late, they sold out in minutes. some fans say third-party tickets are too pricey to take a chance on. >> i'm excited that they're going again. it would be great to be there. but i'll just have to do it from home. $605 is a little rich for me. >> game one of the nba finals thursday at oracle arena. the team says fans should use their verified ticket resale site at to ensure they buy a real ticket. mark zuckerberg may have a tough time deciding which of the 19,000 questions submitted he should ask the astronauts on the international space station. facebook founder is hosting a video call via facebook live tomorrow, a first for social media. zuckerberg asked people to leave suggested questions for the astronauts and nearly 19,000 people have so far. the call to the international space station set for 9:55 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> the questions are going to'ing interesting. >> if you submit any?
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>> i. >> you still have time. >> i'd be interested in something simple. what is their favorite part about being in space? >> that's good. >> i wanted to be an astronaut when i was a kid. >> so you're very well prepared for questions. >> i got close, being a meteorologist. you never know. all right, we did have that hot weather today. temperatures are going to be getting hotter as we head throughout this week. take a look at your microclimate forecast. you can see for tomorrow morning fog return together immediate coastline. and 53 in san francisco. east bay we start off clear with 58. also in the south bay, sunny skies to start. microclimate forecast for wednesday offers similar temperatures. fog at the immediate coastline, san francisco stays cool, in the 60s. then you go to the interior valleys like up in the south bay, it's going to be a warm day. cupertino 93. morgan hill 90. san jose expecting 92. for the north bay, east bay, and the tri-valley, hottest weather will be right here across danville, pleasanton, and also for livermore. while we have that cooler wind
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at the coast, also the fog, the tri-valley is the last place to see the cooling impacts. the foggy winds not going to be strong enough to knock down temperatures tomorrow. again, close to 100 in danville. east bay, oakland at 75. just 15 minutes away, another day where that car thermometer is going to shoot up with 94 expected in walnut creek. north bay, a little bit of an ocean breeze will keep than pa out of the 90s with 89 for your high and mill valley expecting 83. high pressure offshore. that continues to build the heat through friday's forecast. as you'll see friday will be the hottest day in the forecast. the thing that's going to put us over the edge on temperatures and get us up to 100, 101, 102, maybe 103, will be the dry wind building across the bay area. all it takes is wind occupaut o north and east, the driest wind we can get, good enough to warm temperatures up a few more degrees for the interior valleys and also up against the
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coastline. so take a look at that forecast for friday. the hottest day of the week. we think near san francisco we'll see temperatures into the 70s. specifically in sf, 79. walnut creek, 102. so the next question, with this heat that is just way too hot for a lot of us, way too soon, is when does it start to cool down? the weekend forecast, we'll start to see differences coming our way. the 102 on friday will go down to 97 on saturday. then by sunday down to 88 degrees. you'll notice the chance here of isolated thunderstorms in the forecast. not a big storm system but a 10% to 20% possibility of a stray lightning strike or possibly a few showers. another wild week here in the world of bay area weather. terry and jess, who knows what july is going to bring at this point. >> june off to a wild start. thanks very much. up next, check your coverage, make sure you don't have the pantry staple that's making some people sick.
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and jimmy. >> melissa mccarthy is here for you. lip synch battle tonight! music from wild bell. happening now on our website, where should mothers nurse their infants? a san jose city council is entering the growing debate over creating a specific place for nursing mothers. the city is considering building three new patient rooms at various facilities. a cavaliers fan forced to eat his shirt after betting against the warriors. see how he made it somewhat edible. check it out on our facebook page. criminal charges could be filed
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against the parents of the boy who fell into that gla criminal charges could be filed against the parents of the
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boy who fell into that gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo. the gorilla was killed to protect the child. now outrage by many people urging authorities to hold the parents criminally responsible for not watching the child closely. others are calling for action against that zoo. a mother of three with horrific injuries from a shark attack in southern california will survive. that's the latest update from doctors who operated on the 52-year-old woman on sunday. they say a 10-foot great white shark bit the woman leaving her with a wound that stretched from her shoulder to her pelvis. >> she had extensive lacerations to her right arm and multiple lacerations extending in what appeared to be a semi-circular pattern. >> it very obviously is a mouth. you can see individual marks from individual teeth. >> authorities say the woman was swim about 150 yards offshore training for an iron man competition. the shark bit her. check your pantry, you may
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have a bag of flour that could make you sick. general mills is recalling 10 million pounds of flour due to a possible e. coli contamination. 38 illnesses have been reported. half the patients said they were making something with the flour before becoming ill. no bacteria has been found but the company's voluntarily recalling the flour and working with cdc to figure out what happened. we've posted recall information on our website, dedicated is an understatement. just ahead the great lengths hockey fans are going to do watch the stanley cup final in person. final for the sharks.
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night 3 to 2... game one last a tough start to the stanley cup final for the sharks but this story is not about that. they lost 3-2. >> but hockey fans coming from near and far are going to watch their respective teams open in pittsburgh and they're happy about it. >> reporter: being a fan of a professional sports team can bring you great joy one day and frustration the next. but unlike almost anything else in life, it can bind people together. whether they're complete strangers or family. it doesn't get any better than this for andy and daniel. andy's split allegiance, his son
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does not. >> you grew up in pittsburgh? >> born here, moved to california a month before the penguins won the stanley cup in '91. right before the sharks were created. i texted him thursday after the penguins won, want to go to pittsburgh? i got a phone call the next morning saying, book your flight. >> we met up here. it was one of those experiences where you get to share with your son that's wonderful. >> reporter: andy moved to north carolina last year so his trip to pittsburgh roughly 500 miles. daniel, the south bay guy, 2,200 miles. then there's joe and ryan who i met at the airport upon my arrival to pittsburgh. total mileage for these die-hard penguins fans to get here, 18,500. joe from auckland, new zealand. ryan from melbourne, australia. whose wife has given him the hall pass. >> obviously a big fan. in the end she almost insisted i come. so pretty grateful for that. i'll get to head out to san jose, see if i can get tickets to that as well.
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>> you're all-in, having come this far, see as many games as possible. >> well, yeah. it's not a short trip, as we discussed. if you're going to come out here, might as well see if you can get to the finals. you have relatives in los altos. we are from the bay area. why aren't you a sharks fan? >> you know, i met them 10 or so years after i was dripping black and gold. turns out there are things that run deeper than blood. >> reporter: the sort of loyalty sharks fans can appreciate. in pittsburgh, nbc bay area. >> admittedly it was an unusual assignment. the babysitting gig that kept san francisco police officers busy for hours and hours. when duty calls, s-f-p-d
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sea lion pup. r. even if that dd when duty calls sfpd officers answer, even if the duty is babysitting a stranded sea lion pup. officers found the animal on ocean beach yesterday in an outdoor stairwell, shivering in distress. they called the marine mammal center which said its rescue van was too far away. they asked the officers to watch the youngster until they could get there so that's what they
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did. the pup is undergoing treatment at the may real mammal center but how could you walk away from taking care of that? >> let's hear it for the marine mammal center and sfpd, a job well done. >> so cute. jeff ranieri, way to crank it up. >> it's going to get hot again. in the morning temps in the low 50s. fog at the immediate coastline. by the 3:00 and 4:00 hour, 95 in the tri-valley. 93 in the south bay. san francisco still a cool 68. it's too hot for you inland, head to the coastline. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- melissa mccarthy, bobby cannavale,


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